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Easy Verge 25x112x 3m Anthracite


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Easy verge 3m permavent
Install on roofs as low as 12 degrees
High performance
Cost effective
Will not stain the roof
Quick and Easy installation
Slates have been used in roofing for hundreds of years as they do not absorb water. When they are installed on the roof verge, a gap underneath the slates is created by the batten.
A highly popular method of finishing the verge gap is to create a 'pointed verge', where a coloured cement mortar is pushed into this gap and troweled smooth for a neat and resilient finish.
However, due to the water content of the cement mortar the pointing will never fully adhere to the slates.
Although traditional, a pointed verge has always been the main cause of roof failure.
As a roof verge is so exposed to the elements, it will get wet every time it rains. With just a little wind rain will be driven over the side of the verge and saturate it. This water will also run back on the underside of the slate and creep back onto the battens.
Water enters through the gap between the slate and the mortar that has not adhered, and is constantly absorbed through this porous mortar. This causes water to be absorbed by the end grain of the roofing batten, causing them to rot. A rotten batten will no longer hold the slate fixings in place, slates will be dislodged and fall off the roof.
Additionally, when the pointed verge absorbs water it often results in the cement colouring being washed out and severely effects the finished appearance.
As a result, insurance companies such as the NHBC insist that cement mortar is no longer used in roofing. Alternative dry verge systems are cumbersome and not sympathetic to traditional roofing methods, they can also allow water to permeate through the top of them. If this happens then the battens will prematurely rot.
Easy Verge is the only dry verge that has been specially designed to look like a traditional pointed verge and even allows for a traditional cambered or 'Celtic' edge. Its patented super seals are the only system that are guaranteed to prevent the water from creeping back under the slates or through the verge thus preventing the battens from rotting.
Easy Verge incorporates an undercloak that is uniquely variable from 0-100mm and its design ensures a perfectly straight verge every time with minimal effort. The speed and ease of installation offers an overall cost saving.
3mtr long