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Kovertek's TekGuard is an evolution in roof coating technology designed to simplify and speed up the process of re-coating an existing or creating a new flat roof. TekGuard is a system that eliminates the need for using a separate GRP resin and Topcoat as well as other liquid products. TekGuard is a flexible system that provides a solution to many older roofs but also flaking and cracking GRP roofs that are prone to shrinkage and expansion with weather cycles. TekGuard is different in that it can also be applied directly to existing felt roofs as an overlay system. It can also be used on new roofs, applied directly to Wood (OSB3 Sterling Board) Metal and Concrete roofs.

TekGuard Flexi-GRP has the latest fire certification Fire Rating BS 476 part 3/ CEN/TS EN 1187-4 BS 476 part 3 test: EXT.F.AA;EN 1187 test 4 BROOF(t4) tested as a flat roof laid onto OSB3 for real world results when comparing to other products tested.

Designed specifically for roofing applications giving high coverage, universal cure and produced in RAL 7011 Iron Grey for a consistent colour. The product is designed to give high UV resistance and long-term weathering. Can be applied with brush/roller or spray (with specialist equipment).

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