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12mm WBP Plywood Hardwood 8 x 4 sheet

12mm WBP Plywood Hardwood 8 x 4 sheet

A quality hardwood plywood suitable for a variety of applications, can be used internally and externally, it is durable and less prone to bending or twisting than softwood plywoods, can be stained, painted or varnished.

When used externally the panel should be treated with an appropriate wood treatment/sealant, ensuring that all edges are adequately sealed
Complies with EN13986 governing the use in construction, specifically standard BS EN 636-2 and BS EN 314
The panel conforms to the latest European low emission standards ‘E1’
A Q-Mark registered panel manufactured under an appropriate quality management system and consistently manufactured to the same high standard

£42.94 Excl. VAT

can be shipped within 2 – 5 days

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