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Easy Plain Trays 220mm x 1237mm


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Plain Easy weatherproof tray for low pitch plain tiles 1 pack of 20 Permavent
Considerably improves the weatherproofing of plain tiles.
Allows any plain tile to be installed at a low pitch.
Does not affect the look of the roof.
Quick and easy to install using traditional methods.
Offers a cost and weight saving when lowering the roof pitch.
The patented Plain Easy roofing system is specially designed durable uPVC which has been developed to significantly improve the weather proofing properties of double lap plain tiled roofs, even at low pitches.
Plain Easy is simply installed between the plain tiles of the roof, and can be used with any type of plain tile from single or double camber; clay or concrete; as well as machine or hand made plain tiles.
Suitability towards flat tiles should be established prior to installation.
The unique cambered design of Plain Easy eliminates standing water and frost damage, as water will run straight down the roof to the gutter.
The thin leading edges ensure the strips blend perfectly with the profiles of all types of plain tiles and does not affect the aesthetics of the roof.
Plain Easy comes with a 40 Year Guarantee when installed with Permavent Dry.
The specialist design of Plain Easy's allows for low pitch roofs to be installed as low as 17.5 degrees.
Usage: 1 length protects 7 tiles. Approx. 8.5 lengths per m².
Available in: 220mm wide, 1237mm long