Ultima Wood KEV B1200 F6A 66cm x 118cm

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• For public and domestic buildings

• For heated, inhabited rooms

• For a roof pitch range of 15-90°

• Suitable for all common roofing with proper flashing


∙ Centre pivot ∙

NOISE BLOCK - Sound reducing technology ∙

Advanced cladding system with sound absorbing lining ∙

Two layers of sound reducing tear resistant foil ∙

6 mm thick toughened external glass pane ∙

COMFORT GLASS - Reflective but protective pane ∙

Two different layers of heat reflecting and sun protective coatings on each pane ∙

Krypton filled pane construction ∙

SAFE GUARD - Safety and damage protection system ∙

Laminated pane ∙ Two layers of sound reducing tear resistant foil ∙

Toughened 6 mm thick external glass ∙

IFC - insulation foam collar, free of charge ∙

QUICK INSTALL - RUC roofing underfelt foil collar, free of charge ∙

Two passive ventilation positions via handle ∙

Ventilation valve ∙


20 years guarantee without window registration ∙

TITAN GLASS - self cleaning coating ∙

Extra welded sliding gasket MATERIAL | WOOD AND FINISHING MASTER WOOD - kiln-dried laminated pine wood

• Timber from FSC certified forests

• Fungicide protection

• Double layer water based lacquer COVER PARTS

• Aluminium, lacquered, RAL 7043 HANDLE

• New, ergonomically designed moulded zinc handle, lacquered HINGE

• Pivot hinge

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