ClassicBond® EPDM 7.62m wide

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ClassicBond® EPDM rubber membrane is the prefered choice of local roofers.

Being 1.2mm thick and BBA approved its thicker than rubbercover and holds certifcation.

Sold by the linear meter from our 7.62 meter roll it works out to be £6.40 per square meter.


The flat roofing market was revolutionised over 50 years ago with the introduction of EPDM membranes. Now over 1.4 billion m² have been installed. Originally produced for the commercial flat roofing marketEPDM roofing has now become the perfect solution for domestic as well as commercial flat roofing projects. ClassicBond® EPDM continues to supply the flat roofing market with a range of EPDM membrane sizes and EPDM membrane thicknesses and innovative products, but one thing remains the same - the watertight performance, durability and dependability ofClassicBond® EPDM membranes. Manufactured by the largest EPDM manufacturer, no other EPDM membrane can match the strong track record of the ClassicBond® EPDM flat roofing systemClassicBond® EPDMs success is due to its many material characteristics of longevity, weatherability and elasticity.

ClassicBond® membranes are strong, lightweight, easily installed and are the perfect solution for flat roof renovation and new flat roof installations.

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