ClassicBond® 6" Russ Tape linear mtrs

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Pressure-Sensitive Reinforced Universal Securement Strip (RUSS) PS RUSS is a nominal 1.14 mm thick reinforced EPDM membrane strip with a nominal .76 mm thick cured EPDM splice tape adhesive laminated along one or both edges.

The reinforced EPDM membrane 152 mm (6”) wide while the adhesive strips are 76 mm (3") wide.

Pressure-Sensitive RUSS has the splice tape preapplied along one edge, and can be installed horizontally or vertically in conjunction with Seam Fastening Plates below the EPDM deck membrane for additional membrane securement. Intended Uses RUSS can be used on Ballasted, Fully Adhered or Mechanically Fastened EPDM Roofing Systems to provide additional membrane securement at walls, curbs and expansion joints.

6" PS RUSS cannot be used in the field of the roof on Mechanically Fastened Roofing Systems. PS RUSS must be used in conjunction with ClassicBond EPDM Primer.

Features and Benefits

• Available in 152mm (6˝) by 30.5m (100´) long Ideal for additional membrane securement as needed

• Ideal for perimeter securement

• Ideal for securement around penetrations

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